Call for Papers (AJFS)

Special Issue of
Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
on Corporate Finance in the Global Economy: Value Creation via Innovations
Special Issue Editor: Yong H. Kim
University of Cincinnati

Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS) invites manuscripts for a special issue on Corporate Finance in the Global Economy: Value Creation via Innovations and related issues, scheduled for publication in 2016. AJFS became the first finance journal published in Asia covered by the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) in 2006. AJFS has been published since 1980 by the Korean Securities Association (KSA), the oldest and largest academic organization of finance scholars and practitioners in Korea.

Visit and for additional information about the Journal.

Globalization and market liberalization have led to borderless competition among corporations all over the world. To achieve sustainable growth, companies should create their competitive advantage via innovations in human capital, entrepreneurship, organizational structure, and so on. Various finance functions, such as asset pricing, corporate financing and investment, corporate governance, and risk management can assist companies in creating future value. The special issue is devoted to the empirical and theoretical studies of these and other related issues, both positive and normative. Examples of relevant topics may include, but are not limited to:

. Investment in human capital and firm value
. Corporate entrepreneurship and financial performance
. Global competition and corporate governance
. Corporate ownership, control and organizational changes and value creation
. Globalization and capital budgeting, corporate finance and the cost of capital
. Financial market integration and corporate financial policy
. Cross-border joint ventures, alliances, M&A, outsourcing and boundaries of the firm
. Corporate risk exposure and management in capital budgeting and financing decisions
. Corporate finance and portfolio allocation strategies
. Effects of globalization on financial constraints and investment
. Effects of macroeconomic and financial crises on corporate finance
. Financial liberalization and corporate finance
. Emerging market multinationals and corporate governance
. Political economy of culture, law, institution, and governance in corporate finance
. Financial innovations and corporate finance
. Behavioral issues related to firms and investors in corporate finance
. Corporate cash holdings and firm value
. Welfare consequences of financial globalization and corporate finance

Up to eight papers will be selected for the Special Issue and a US$1,000 (or 1,000,000 KRW) award will be granted to each selected paper.

All manuscripts must be in English and include an abstract of fewer than 500 words. The cover page should contain the paper’s title, the author’s name, affiliation, address, and e–mail address. The second page should contain only the paper’s title and abstract. All manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format to by August 31, 2015. No submission fee is required. We expect to complete the review process and communicate the results by December 31, 2015.

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Appreciation Letter

April 11, 2015

Members of the Korea-American Economic Association:

On behalf of our entire family, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for sharing your condolences and for providing such a generous donation to the Catholic Charities organization in honor of Dr. Lee. The outpouring of support we have received from friends and colleagues of our father has served as a reminder of how well respected he was, not only as a scholar but as a friend to so many people.

Our father dedicated his entire life to the Catholic Church and we know he would be truly honored and grateful for the donation on his behalf. The organization has confirmed receipt of the donation and we’re sure the donation will have a positive impact throughout the entire church.


The Lee Family

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Call for Papers (KIPF)

Call for papers for KIPF (Korea Institute of Public Finance, 조세재정연구원) Conference

  • Date: June 3, 2015 (Wednesday)
  • Theme: 조세정책의 경제적 효과와 개선 방향
  • Venue: Korea Institute of Public Finance, Sejong City, Korea
  • Submission Deadline: April 30, 2015

The annual joint conference with the KIPF will be held as a one-day conference in June, 2015 (exact date TBD).  Please note that the conference venue is at KIPF in Sejong City (not Seoul).  We solicit papers on the specific theme described above (for more specific topics of interest to KIPF, see the attached), but we also welcome papers in the general area of public finance.

A submission will be accepted only if it is a complete paper with (i) an abstract of 300-400 words, (ii) 3-5 keywords, and (iii) JEL code(s) on the title page.

Submissions should be sent to Vice President, Hyungsik Roger Moon at “” with a subject title, “Joint Conference with KIPF”.

Two or three papers will be selected from the submission.

Each selected paper will be awarded an honorarium of KRW 2,000,000 by KIPF for travel support.  In addition, accommodation near Sejong City for two nights per paper will be provided to paper presenters.

In addition, KIPF is also soliciting research proposal from KAEA members on various topics in public finance. List of detailed topics is attached.  Those who are interested should send the research proposal to Vice President Hyungsik Roger Moon. Details of research project are negotiable.  Submitted papers and proposals will be reviewed by the referees selected by the KAEA and the KIPF. Submissions from young scholars are strongly encouraged.

Submissions will be accepted only from the lifetime KAEA members or those who have paid the KAEA membership dues for both 2014 and 2015 prior to the paper submission.

분야별 주요 조세이슈

1. 소득‧금융과세 제도
▪소득세 과세기반확대 (과세사각지대 해소 및 면세자 비율 축소)
▪소득공제제도의 세액공제로의 전환 지속 추진
▪주식양도차익 과세 확대 및 실효성 강화
▪금융소득(저축, 펀드, 채권 등)에 대한 과세제도 선진화
▪소득세 과세체계 조정 검토

2. 법인과세 제도
▪창업․성장․퇴출 등 기업의 생애주기별 지원체계 구축
▪투자․R&D에 대한 세제지원 등 잠재성장률 제고 유도
▪기업과세제도의 합리화 및 구조조정 세제의 지속적 보완
▪법인세 과표구간 간소화

3. 재산과세 제도
▪양도소득세 중과제도를 기본세율로 전환하고 감면제도를 합리화
▪상속증여세 세율 적정화 및 공제제도 개편, 재산 평가방법 개선,
▪거래세 완화·보유세 적정화에 맞춰 종합부동산세의 지방세 전환

4. 소비과세 제도
▪부가가치세 과세범위 확대(금융용역, 학원, 의료 과세범위 확대)
▪친환경 에너지세제 개편
▪개별소비세 과세대상품목 조정

5. 국제조세․협력 분야
▪역외탈세 방지를 위한 제도 선진화
▪조세피난처와의 정보교환협정체결 확대
▪외국인 투자에 대한 조세지원 개선,
▪거주자 판정 기준 보완

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Summer Research at Sogang University

재외 한국 경제학자 여러분,

서강대학교 경제학부에서는 재외 한국 경제학자의 하계 방학 중 한국 방문시 연구 편의를 도모하고, 서강대학교 경제학부 교수의 네트워킹 구축을 위하여 아래와 같이 여름방학 기간 동안 여유가 있는 연구실 공간과 소액의 연구비를 제공하여 해외에서 활동중인 경제학자를 서강대학교에 초청하고자 합니다. 여름 방학 중 국내 방문 계획이 있으신 박사님들의 많은 관심과 지원바랍니다. 자세한 사항은 이윤수 교수에게 문의해 주시기 바랍니다.

이한식 서강대학교 경제학부 학장

서강 하계 재외 경제학자 초청 프로그램
Summer Research at Sogang (SRS)
1. 대상: 재외 한국 경제학자
2. 기간: 여름방학 7-8월 기간 중. 체류기간: 2주 혹은 4주
3. 인원: 2-3명
4. 지원 내역:
(1) 연구실(2인 공유), 프린트와 복사기 등 시설 이용(컴퓨터는 본인이 준비해야 함)
(2) 체류기간 중 소정의 연구비를 제공합니다.
5. 활동:
(1) 2주 체류자의 경우 1회의 세미나 발표
(2) 4주 체류자의 경우 1회의 세미나와 2회(1회에 2시간 정도)에 걸친 대학원생을 대상으로 한 특강 (특강 내용은 본인의 연구 분야 또는 최근 연구 동향).
6. 지원 서류:
(1) 희망 체류기간이 명시된 커버 레터, Curriculum Vitae
(2) 세미나 논문,
(3) 특강 계획서(4주 체류자의 경우)
7. 신청: 4월 26일 까지 서강대학교 경제학부 이윤수 교수(, 02-705-8516)에게 지원하시기 바랍니다.

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Econometrics Summer Camp 2015

Dear Korean Econometricians,

We are organizing the 2015 Econometrics Summer Camp, scheduled for June 6-7, 2015. We hope that the camp may serve as a platform to build up a network to work and learn together on recent developments in econometrics. We wish that all Korean econometricians working in or out of Korea could consider participating.

Like last year, the first day of the camp will be devoted to key note speeches, and the second day to a few sessions for contributed papers. (We will give further details on the speakers and themes as soon as they get in shape.)

Please contact Professor Sangsoo Park ( if you would like to participate, and/or send him a paper, to be considered for presentation in a contributed session, by April 30, 2015. We consider both theoretical and applied econometrics papers.

KAEA will kindly provide accommodation for one night. Again, we will provide further details on the camp later. We will look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Sang-Soo Park, Kyungchul Song, and Donggyu Sul

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Job Openings (Ewha Womans University)

Department of Economics, Ewha Womans University seeks tenure track professors in two fields of (1) Macroeconomics and (2) International Trade and Development.

Ewha Womans University encourages application from experienced economists.

For details of application, please contact Prof. Lee, Jin.

Jin Lee
Head, Department of Economics
Associate Dean, College of Social Science
201-1 Posco Buildin
Ewha Womans University
Seoul, Korea 120-750
(office) +822-3277-3522

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Obituary (Bong Soo Lee)

It is with heavy heart that I must convey a very sad and shocking news that Professor Bong Soo Lee, our beloved friend and mentor, who contributed greatly to KAEA and general economics and finance communities, passed away yesterday.  We do not yet fully know the circumstance of his passing, and would like to hear from anybody who does.

Professor Lee’s academic career spans almost 30 years, preceded by his 7 year stint at the Korean government (rising to the rank of  deputy director at the ministry of finance).  After receiving Ph.D. in economics from University of Minnesota in 1986, he has served as professor for Iowa State, Minnesota (Carlson School of Business), University of Houston, Dean of KAIST, and until now Patty Hill Smith Eminent Scholar Chair Professor in Finance at the Florida State University.  His CV shows a very long and illustrious accomplishments as a scholar, with more than 70 publications. Read More »

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